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I love my studio to be presentable, neat and tidy! I am seeking a warm, welcoming team member to oversee the studio 1 day per week. A person best fit for this position would be welcoming to any Studio guests (and make them feel at home!), and keep our entire studio clean, neat and presentable. […]

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I’m really excited about this. I was talking to a friend in the past couple weeks, discussing some new changes in our life and, consequently, business! After a LOT of prayer, I’m excited to announce that I’m  ready to bring on an associate photographer. Yay! For quite a few things: To be fully trained, by me, in […]

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I got an email from Sarah on our launch week earlier this month! She lives in Atlanta, and found me online – as one of the photographers near Steinhatchee, FL, which is about 45 minutes from Perry. I love shooting at the river! She explained that her Dad’s 60th Birthday Party would be an event […]

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today I’m 29. so this year is the LAST year of my twenties. the biggest decade of my life. If you would’ve asked me ten years ago where I’d be now, I’d probably have said “in an office, probably at some big marketing corporation in Tallahassee, working a  9-5 with a 401K & benefits.” That’s […]

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I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher. I’m a creative…a photographer, right? Looking back at the last few years, I see now how God has brought me to a place of insatiable learning and, in the process,  given me a heart for education. Here’s a little about my story of how we got here! […]

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