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I’m really excited about this. I was talking to a friend in the past couple weeks, discussing some new changes in our life and, consequently, business! After a LOT of prayer, I’m excited to announce that I’m  ready to bring on an associate photographer. Yay! For quite a few things: To be fully trained, by me, in […]

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I’ve never thought of myself as a teacher. I’m a creative…a photographer, right? Looking back at the last few years, I see now how God has brought me to a place of insatiable learning and, in the process,  given me a heart for education. Here’s a little about my story of how we got here! […]

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He literally swept her off her feet. It was 1953; under those bright, hot FSU theatre stage lights beating down, he laid eyes on her for the first time. Newly stationed overseas in Okinawa, Ken began piloting B-52 fighter jets, while Sara finished her master’s degree at Cornell University. She was born and raised in […]

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