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Today is Wednesday, March 25th. It’s our 11th day in quarantine because of COVID-19. We are amidst a global pandemic, and this has never happened in my lifetime (much less my career). Those of us in hotspots are trying to figure out life with all of these new adjustments, and I’ve had some things on […]

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Okay – so there is no way you know me without knowing about Creative @ Heart! **this is a super photo-heavy post!!**Y’all know I live through photos and this is a big one close to my heart – so grab a cup of coffee and get comfy!! I found Creative @ Heart in 2016 as […]

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today I’m 29. so this year is the LAST year of my twenties. the biggest decade of my life. If you would’ve asked me ten years ago where I’d be now, I’d probably have said “in an office, probably at some big marketing corporation in Tallahassee, working a  9-5 with a 401K & benefits.” That’s […]

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